Terms & Conditions

The owner of the online store www.cleanstep.ee (hereinafter referred to as the online store) is OÜ CLEANSTEP (registry code 16102286), located at Paavli 5/2, Tallinn, Estonia.

Validity of contract of sale, product and price information 

The conditions of sale apply to purchases of goods and services from the online store. The prices of the products sold and services offered in the online store are indicated next to the products. When ordering products and services, the customer has the option of choosing to pick up the goods themselves or transport using the services of our partners, for which a service fee is added, depending on the location of the buyer and the method of delivery. Product information is provided immediately adjacent to the product in the online store.

Placing an order 

Add the desired products/services to your shopping basket to order them. Fill in all of the required fields and choose the most suitable shipping method to complete the order. The total cost is then displayed on the screen. This can be paid by debit or credit card. Our payment processors are Montonio Finance UAB and Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. The contract enters into force when the amount payable is transferred to the bank account of the online store. If we cannot deliver the ordered goods due to stock running out or for any other reason, the purchaser will be informed as soon as possible and the money paid (including the shipping cost) will be refunded promptly, but no later than within 14 days of receiving the notification.

Accepting your order according to a revised quote

After assessing your items more closely, we may find that we can only fulfill your order based on an alternative quote and not on the price on the website. In that case, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will then offer you the opportunity to cancel or proceed with the order or a section of it. If you accept the new offer, we will send you an email acknowledging our acceptance of your order according to the revised quote, and a binding legal contract will come into force between us. If you do not accept the revised quote, we will return your items to you. Delivery charges may apply to items returned to the customer, even if no services are carried out.

Our Products and Services


We do not promise or guarantee to remove any or all stains, defects, and faults present on your items. This includes latent stains, defects, and faults that only become visible during the cleaning, repair, or restoration. Similarly, we cannot promise or guarantee that we can disguise natural flaws, remove any adhesives, or achieve other desired results.
It is also possible that, despite our best efforts to clean, repair, or restore your items, they may aggravate, worsen, or make these latent defects, stains, or faults more apparent. We bear no liability for any such damage. Please note that you take the risks of all works performed on the items.
Leather and suede shoes and handbags can become worn and discolored with age. Dirt can sometimes hide this wear and tear, but it can be exposed during the cleaning process. If this happens, we will let you know and offer to upgrade your service to restore the color to possible areas. Since our cleaning process will not cause this, we will not be liable for it.
Dirt can also be mistaken for shine, which will be removed in the cleaning process. Cleanstep is not responsible for the loss of shine due to cleaning.

Stain removal 

We cannot guarantee the removal of any and all stains. Very dirty linings may be particularly difficult to clean adequately. The basic price of cleaning does not include the removal of heavy or ingrained stains. In case of an unremovable stain on a leather item, we will try to cover the stain with an appropriate color. This process cannot be done on suede, nubuck, canvas, or fabric, and is not included in the price of cleaning.
Suede/Nubuck – some stains may not be removable, and stains already present may become more visible with cleaning. Because of the nature of the material, significant improvements are not always possible. In some cases, colors can become faded with cleaning, and any embossed print can be affected.

Restoration work and dyeing

During the color restoration process, we cannot guarantee that any contrast-colored stitching will remain untouched. The more work that is required to restore your item, the more processes and products will be required. In some cases, this can slightly alter the way your items will feel. However, we will always try to keep the item as near to the original as possible.

Exclusions to liability

Cleanstep is a cleaning and restoration service, and any items that are sent to us are in a damaged and/or devalued state. We cannot be held liable for: 

  • Any damage to, or defect in, an item we have not been contracted to work on (this includes hardware, like buttons, lace tips, incrustations).
  • Delays or failures which are due to any cause beyond our reasonable control.
  • Failed repairs due to inherent problems with the material or structure of the item. Please note that charges may still apply for any work already completed.
  • Loss of value against the manufacturer’s original models after the service has been completed.
  • Any damage not related to or caused by our services.
  • Cleanstep uses advanced industry-standard techniques and professional materials, and we do not guarantee the use of the manufacturer’s original materials or processes. If original materials are not available, we will match parts and colors as closely as possible to the original or the agreed specification (such as color-matched to a particular part of the item).
  • Cleanstep cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of any accessories, such as dust bags, locks, etc., that are not priorly noted to us by the client. If you reject any service recommended to you by Cleanstep, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any work that does not meet your expectations. Cleanstep will not compensate for anything that falls outside of the work we provide.

Questions, complaints, comments, and service contact:

You must notify us of any problem or complaint you have with the quality of the items within seven days of you receiving or collecting the items. If you notice a mark, stain, or blemish on the item, you must notify us within 24 hours of receiving or collecting the item (as above).
We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds based on the customer’s change of heart. We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds when a change to order had been requested, but could not be fulfilled.
We will not be liable for any damage to or deterioration of the item caused by inappropriate products or misuse of the item following the delivery of the order. However, if we are found to be at fault, we will try to repair and/or alter the item to your satisfaction at our expense. If the item has to be returned to us for this purpose, we will repay the delivery costs based on a valid receipt or invoice.
If the fault is caused by misuse or customer liability, any work to correct the fault will be at your own cost.
Any claim settled will be on the condition that the customer accepts it as a full and final settlement.
Cleanstep keeps photographs of all work before and after the work has been carried out.
If you have any questions, or if you have technical problems in accessing the information on our site, please contact: info@cleanstep.ee


Goods are shipped to the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The purchaser bears the shipping cost and the respective price information is displayed next to the shipping method. Our average service time is 7 working days and All shipments within Estonia generally arrive at the destination specified by the purchaser within 10-14 business days of the date of entry into force of the contract of sale. All shipments outside of Estonia are guaranteed to arrive within 20 calendar days. We have the right to ship goods in up to 30 calendar days in exceptional cases.

Right of withdrawal 

After receiving the order, the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract entered into with the e-store within 14 days. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the purchaser is a legal person. To exercise the 14-day right of withdrawal, you must not use the ordered goods in any way other than is necessary to ensure the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods in the same way you would be allowed to test the goods in an actual store. If the goods have been used for any purpose other than is necessary to ensure the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, or if there are any signs of use or wear and tear, the online store has the right to lower the amount returned in accordance with the decrease in the value of the goods. To return the goods, you must submit a declaration of withdrawal to the e-mail address returns@cleanstep.ee within 14 days of receiving the goods.
The purchaser shall bear the cost of returning the goods, except in cases where the reason for the return lies in the fact that a refundable product does not comply with the order (e.g. a wrong or defective product).
The purchaser must return the goods within 14 days of the submission of the declaration of withdrawal or submit evidence that they handed over the goods to the carrier within the aforementioned period.
Upon receiving the returned goods, the online store shall return to the purchaser, immediately but no later than after 14 days, all of the payments received from the purchaser based on the contract.
The online store has the right to refuse to make the refund until the goods being returned are received or until the buyer has provided proof of returning the products, whichever occurs first.
If the buyer has clearly chosen a different form of shipment than the cheapest usual form of shipment offered by the online store, the store is not required to compensate the cost exceeding the usual shipping cost.
The online store has the right to withdraw from the sale and demand that the goods be returned by the purchaser if the marked price of the goods in the online store is significantly lower than the market price of the goods due to an error. 

Defective goods 

The online store is responsible for the non-compliance of goods sold to a purchaser with the terms and conditions of the contract or for deficiencies which already existed at the time of delivery and which occur within two years of delivering the goods to the purchaser. Within the first six months of delivery it is assumed that the defect was present at the time of delivery. It is the online store´s responsibility to prove otherwise.
The purchaser has the right to turn to the online store within two months of the occurrence of a defect by e-mailing to  or calling our office +372 5400 4252.
The online store is not liable for any defects arising after delivering the goods to the purchaser.
If goods bought from the online store have defects for which the online store is responsible, the online store will repair or replace the defective goods. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the online store shall return to the purchaser all of the payments involved in the contract of sale.
The online store will respond to the consumer´s complaint in written form or in a form that enables written reproduction within 15 days.

Direct marketing and processing of personal data 

The online store only uses the personal data entered by the purchaser (including name, phone number, address, e-mail and bank details) for processing the order and sending goods to the purchaser. The online store forwards personal data to the transport service provider in order to deliver the goods.
The online store sends newsletters and offers to the purchaser’s e-mail address only if the purchaser has expressed their wish to receive them by entering their e-mail address on the website and indicating their desire to receive direct mail.
The purchaser is able to opt out of offers and newsletters sent to their e-mail address at any time by letting us know via e-mail or by following the instructions in an e-mail containing an offer.

Settlement of disputes 

All complaints made by a purchaser about the online store must be e-mailed to info@cleanstep.ee or submitted by calling our office +372 5400 4252.
If the purchaser and the online store are not able to settle the dispute by agreement, the purchaser may contact the Consumer Dispute Committee. The Consumer Dispute Committee is competent to resolve disputes arising from a contract between a purchaser and the online store. Resolution of disputes by the Consumer Dispute Committee is free of charge for the purchaser.
A purchaser may also turn to the dispute resolution bodies of the European Union.


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