Cleaning your shoes every season will make them last a lot longer

Know the feeling of buying a fresh pair of shoes and wearing them for the first few times? Unfortunately, their clean look and feel only last so long. More often than not, shoes you put away at the end of the season look a lot more tired than they did at first.

So how do you maintain their good looks and make sure that you don’t have to buy a new pair every year just because they feel old and tired? The secret is regularly cleaning them. We get the temptation of just throwing your sneakers in the closet after wearing them all spring and summer. But what if you could pick them up again next year and feel like you’re wearing a freshly bought pair of shoes? Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for enjoying your footwear for many years. If you rarely clean your shoes, the dirt builds up and can seriously damage the fabrics. Especially for winter boots, the harsh weather and salty streets are a deadly combo. For winter wear, you might consider cleaning them every few weeks. For sneakers and other shoes that don’t get a lot of moisture and aren’t visibly dirty, cleaning them after every season should be enough.

Uggs before after

People often think that cleaning their shoes will take a long time, and even if they have the time, they might not know exactly which products and techniques to use for the best results. In fact, there are many user-friendly cleaning products available for every material that leave your shoes clean and fresh in just a few minutes. So even if your sneakers are muddy from a week-long festival, cleaning them at home with the right products can still be very fast and easy. Regular cleaning also ensures that your shoes won’t stay dirty for long periods and makes noticing possible damages much easier, so you can deal with repairs before they get too tricky.

Once you’ve cleaned your shoes for storage, use a shoetree or fill them with paper towels to maintain their shape, put them in a dry place, and let them breathe. If you keep your shoes away from moisture and dust, they will be fresh every time you take them out of their box, and you won’t have to spend money on a new pair at the start of every season.

If you’re interested in giving your shoes a makeover, check out our cleaning kit or bring your footwear to us!

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