Have you ever had your white shoes lose their beautiful glow? And have you tried washing them just to find out that they’re still yellow?

When the white or translucent soles of your shoes come in contact with oxygen, they will eventually turn yellow or lose their transparency. This means that even though your shoes might be clean, they will still look a little tired and discolored. Luckily, there’s a solution. Midsole icing is the process of un-yellowing the soles of your shoes. It helps to turn your white midsoles to their former glory without using any dyes. To un-yellow your shoe soles, we first thoroughly clean them to ensure they actually need to be iced. We then coat them with a special icing sauce and place the shoes in a UV-light box for at least eight hours. As a side note, we actually tried 4-5 different UV lights until we finally found the one that did the trick for us!

If you’re curious to try icing your shoes at home, you can use a homemade icing solution, wrap your shoes in plastic wrap, and let them soak in some sunlight. Although, if you’re in Estonia, finding enough sunlight to actually make a difference might be difficult for nine out of the twelve months. If that’s the case, you can always hit us up and we’ll offer you midsoles icing at our workshop.

NB! Unfortunately, we do not ice ECCO shoes. Because of the materials used in their soles, they do not respond to icing at all.